The cops are on your tail for some bad things you have done, so you have to escape them in this amazing Fugitive Frenzy game! You have to get in your car fast and drive away using your arrow keys and your space bar to brake. Find a parking spot near the highway by following the arrow next to your car and then get out of the car and cross the highway by foot. You will have to be fast and very skilled to do this. There will be car coming very fast from both directions and you have to find a way between them without getting hit. If you succeed, you will find yourself on the other side, where you can get a car which is conveniently parked there are drive it away to your hiding spot. The cops will not be able to catch you if you succeed. But in order for things to work fine, you have to be very careful not to damage your car, because if you destroy it you won’t be able to escape anymore. Also, watch out for the timer and try to complete the entire level before the time runs out.




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